Helpful Hint

Here’s an idea for those of us who hate housework (or any kind of work) and procrastinate.  It works on the maxim that you eat an elephant one bite at the time.

Break down any large job into a number of small tasks.  Write them down on cards.  Set aside a time for a task.  When that times comes, select a card, do the task, put the card in the done pile.

This is supposed to help you commit to the job (set a time), motivate you to keep going (the satisfaction of seeing the finished pile grow), and shame you each time you look at the unfinished pile.

I’ll use this technique to clean my house and let you know how it goes.

Ladies, if you’re lucky, your husbands may notice the task cards and help out.  But I suggest you pin the cards to the wall.  Men seem never to notice what needs to be done unless it’s staring them in the face.

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