A Passing

My grandchildren‘s other grandmother passed away yesterday.  I never knew either of my grandmothers and have always felt the loss.  For a long while, there’ll be a hole in my grandchildren’s spirits, but they will still have their memories and will cherish them.

I was privileged to know Janice Phelps.  We had different interests, and there were things I envied about her.  She could cook. I couldn’t.  She kept a neat house.  I didn’t.  She had a better fashion sense than I did.

There was one thing we had in common.  We were bonded by an abiding love of our grandchildren.  We sat in hospital waiting rooms, experiencing the same giddy anticipation in the birth of those children.  We celebrated birthdays and holidays through the eyes of our grandchildren.  We both took pride in those children as only grandmothers can.

Today I pray God’s grace and comfort for my grandchildren and the entire family who are suffering from this great loss.

I'm a retired Air Force (civilian) accountant living with my husband, Robert, and bichon-poodle mix, Buffy, in Warner Robins, Georgia. My interests are varied. I enjoy reading and writing Christian historical romances and inspirational commentary, golf, sewing, crocheting, knitting, politics, history, science and mathematics. I attend church regularly, and God is the center of my life. I'm proud of the good job my daughter is doing rearing my three wonderful grandchildren. God and my family make up the inner circle of my life, but I want to reach out with understanding and love to others.

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