Touched by a Stranger

We expect friends to care, but a stranger’s kindness is memorable.

Several years ago we were vacationing at Myrtle Beach…just my daughter, her three children and I.  While searching for a place to eat, we stumbled on one of the most exclusive restaurants in the area.  We knew it was ritzy because the menu was hard to understand, the prices were high, and the ambience was high class.

If it hadn’t been located right on the beach, we’d probably never have been allowed inside, dressed as we were.

I decided we’d splurge.  Sometimes having fun can leave you beat to a frazzle.  Everyone was tired, the kids were cranky, and…you only live once.

As we sat there enjoying our meal, I looked around at the other diners, thankful that we weren’t the only people dressed like tourists.  There were the more classy types too, like those at one of the tables next to us whose group was obviously being hosted by a man in a wheelchair.

When we got ready to leave and asked for the check, the waitress told us our bill had already been paid, but our benefactor had left.  We looked around, and the only table empty was the one where the man in the wheelchair had been.

That man left me with something  more valuable than the price of a meal.  He reminded me to extend kindness to others, even strangers…to take opportunities to show love as often as those opportunities come along, and to do so unobtrusively, if possible.

Jesus said that whoever gives even a cup of water in His name will not lose his reward.

Water was included with our meal.

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