Can Society Change?

If the recent elections proved anything, they showed this country has moved to secularism. Why that’s true is a subject for another day.  Veteran’s Day reminded me of one way our society has improved.  No one is more respected today than the American soldier, and it seems to cross all political boundaries.  The public goes out of its way to show appreciation for active duty military and veterans…and rightly so.

I remember the late sixties and early seventies.  How returning Vietnam soldiers were spat upon, the college riots, the strident rhetoric.  It’s a blight on our history.  Thank God we’ve come to our senses and now realize that the military have done a good job of protecting our freedom and way of life…despite the politicians.

It gives me hope that society can be turned around.  Maybe we have to sink to our lowest level to see the truth.  It may be that the repercussions of a God-less society will shame us into realizing that we’ve gone too far.

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